You Could Be Lucky, 2004

One channel video and sound installation, 7:30 min.

'You Could Be Lucky' sets its sights on England's biggest steeplechase race, the Grand National in Aintree. Yet, rather than turning the spotlight on the horses participating in the competition, Bartana focuses on the spectators cavorting at the racetrack. The camera often moves unnoticed and from a variety of different angles through the assembled crowds – drinking, noisy, sometimes relaxed, sometimes tense – in order to document the codes and habits of the citizens of Liverpool at the horse races. The scenes are accompanied by the sounds of the ever-present babble of voices, the suspense-heightening public address announcements of the commentators and the effusive cheers of the spectators. The voices follow one another in quick succession sounding more emotional the nearer the race comes to its conclusion. (from: Yael Bartana, exh. cat. Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hatje Cantz, 2007, p. 77)


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