Wild Seeds, 2005

Two channel video and sound installation, 6:40 min.

'Wild Seeds' focuses on a group of youths in the middle of a barren West Bank mountain landscape. The group is simulating the 'evacuation of the Gilad settlement' in the form of a game. The game was developed by Israeli activists and is based upon an actual confrontation between the Israeli army and Jewish settlers. The camera circles the teenagers, who are seated on the grass, as they link their bodies together into knots and refuse to leave their settlement. The players take turns being two of the authorities who attempt to break up the occupation and pull the bodies away from each another. The sounds of screams and laughter alternate; the atmosphere moves back and forth between being playful and aggressive. The scenes are accompanied by the voice of a female reform cantor, who sings about the love of God. (from: Yael Bartana, exh. cat. Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hatje Cantz, 2007, p. 85)


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