The Recorder Player from Sheikh Jarrah, 2010

One channel video and sound installation, 7:20 min.

In 'The Recorder Player from Sheikh Jarrah' the protagonist is doing away with uniform and rows of people. A recorder player in her hands, she succeeds in sending out a convinced image even if the camera captures some undisclosed and slight inner weakness. The whole matter is bewildering for not only she is playing notes from the 'Internationale' anthem and from the 'solidarity' poem performed often in memorial services in Israel, but more so due to the fact that the scene takes place in front of a human chain of Israeli army police officers. The Recorder Player is one figure among others that joined the rallies against eviction of Muslim residents by Jewish settlers from Jerusalem neighborhoods. In her music and in her powerful withstanding elevated in the video, the player is able to capture and demonstrate the strength embedded in our notion of protest as she breaches the separating wall she is facing.


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