Sirens’ Song, 2005

One channel video and sound installation, 4 min.

'Sirens’ Song' starts at the beach, people are swimming and surfing in the ocean. The camera's perspective changes and becomes level with a stone bollard that stands in front of a busy street. A military march can be heard, the music slowly grows louder and the sound of the traffic blends in at times with the harmonious sounds. Fanfare music is suddenly heard and merges into the military march that accompanies a panning shot along a beach promenade lined with Israeli flags. The musicians' harmonious melody soon turns into monotony and eventually gives way to the drone of traffic. None of the people passing in the traffic seem particularly bothered or impressed by the unusual sight on the side of the road. The musicians follow some people and try to cause a reaction, but even exceedingly beguiling sounds cannot influence the daily flow of traffic in an Israeli metropolis.


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